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Rock Bottom in Cambodia

Rock Bottom in Cambodia

I read a quote the other day about the problem with social media being that, “…we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” That really resonated with me. When you’re feeling down, what’s one of the first things you do? Pop on the computer and check out Facebook. And it’s filled with pictures of your friends at that music festival or in Vegas partying it up, and then you feel worse because why aren’t you having fun like they are? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: they’re all filled with moments of when we’re at our happiest. They provide a slanted perspective of life. Shit, life is hard. Some days you feel sad and alone but you’re never gonna see a tweet like “feelingaloneandconfused #existensialcrisis” even though I’m sure that’s a feeling that everyone can relate to. No one is happy and loving life all the time but we try to make our social media personas come across that way.

I’ve realized that I’ve been doing just that with my blog. If you knew nothing else about me, you’d think that my life is one crazy party, where I hop carefree from country to country, concerned only with where to find my next beer. Yet the partying is just a sliver of my life. What I haven’t talked about are the times that I get down when I’m traveling, and I aim to change that by telling you the story of the time I found myself down and out in Cambodia, smoked opium, and got mugged in a local village.

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