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Am I a Bikini Wearing Pedophile?

Am I a Bikini Wearing Pedophile?

I recently worked at a 2-week long children’s camp in Spain where the hours were, I shit you not, from 8:00 a.m. to 2/3 a.m. when we finished our nightly meeting. There were ten counselors running the camp and in order to maintain our sanity, we played little games with each other throughout the day.

The person who lost the game each day got messed with in some way by the other counselors. The first day, the girl who lost got drawn on with permanent marker (mustache, unibrow, goatee, penis). It was a funny and relatively tame punishment.

I lost the next day. Our camp went to the beach twice a day and it was decided that I would have to wear a bikini and have makeup put on my face. The fuck? That’s quite a difference in degree of punishment. That’s like stealing a beer in the U.S. v.s. in Saudi Arabia: a slap on the wrist or the removal of it.

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